BLP opens representative office in Madrid

Central American law firm BLP announced it has opened an office in Madrid, its first one outside its home region. 

The Costa Rica-headquartered law firm will not practice local law in Spain nor hire Spanish lawyers. The new base in Madrid will strengthen BLP’s relations with Spanish and European law firms,  and also provide legal advice to Spanish and European clients on Central American jurisdictions where the firm already operates. It will also help identify and generate business opportunities for Central American companies seeking expansion across the Atlantic. 

David Gutiérrez, co-founder of BLP, will be the firm´s resident partner in Madrid and will divide his time between the Costa Rican and Spanish offices. Announcing the move, he stated: “Spain is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. It is clearly positioned for very successful coming years, in addition to having a high number of exporting companies and an ideal hub for European exports and investment to Latin America. The Spanish market is a leader in areas which are fundamental for Central American jurisdictions, such as tourism, hospitality, agribusiness, renewable energy and much more.” 

BLP was founded in Costa Rica in 2003. It has recently expanded throughout Central America and is now home to about 150 lawyers across Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. 

With the Madrid launch, BLP is the second Central American law firm with a presence in Spain, Pacheco Coto opened an office in the Spanish capital in 2013.

Ignacio Abella