Thays Gentil

Cescon Barrieu presents a new head of telecom department

Cescon Barrieu announced Thays Gentil (pictured) as lead partner of the Telecom department. Thays joins the firm’s infrastructure practice, which is in charge of advisory to bidding processes and filing claims before regulatory agencies, and corporate, contractual and financial structuring of projects.

Thays has a degree in Law from Mackenzie, post-graduate degree in Digital Law and Telecommunication from the same university, and master’s degree in North-American Law from Washington University in St. Louis, in addition to the CIPP/E Certification (Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe).

She has almost 15 years of experience focused on telecom regulation. Thays has worked in the United States. Currently, she coordinates the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communications Laws (ABDTIC) and is a member of the Special Committee on Technology and Innovation of the Brazilian Bar Association in São Paulo (OAB-SP) and the Regulatory Committee of the Brazilian Institute of Studies on Competition, Consumer Affairs and International Trade (IBRAC).