New managing partners

CGV Advogados announces new managing partners

CGV – Chalfin, Goldberg & Vainboim Advogados announced its new managing partners: Ana Diniz, Auricélia Duarte, Gustavo Duarte and Pamella Abreu.

The four new partners built their stories within CGV Advogados in the areas of Banking, Consumer, Insurance, and Labor Law, respectively, and reinforce the firm’s excellent performance in these market segments.

The news brings with it another milestone: the office now have a majority of managing partners who are women, reinforcing the commitment to representativeness and diversity, an guideline of the firm.

Ana Diniz, post-graduated in Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law, works with a special focus on consumer law in Rio de Janeiro.

Auricélia Duarte is a post-graduate lawyer in contract law, with over 14 years of experience in mass civil litigation in the São Paulo office.

Gustavo Duarte, with post-graduate degrees in Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law, in Constitutional Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law and Legal Management, works in the insurance and reinsurance area in the Rio de Janeiro office.

Pamella Abreu, post-graduate in Labor Law and Procedural Law, is in charge of the labor area in the São Paulo office.