Mauricio Corrêa da Veiga and Alexis Faruth

Corrêa da Veiga Advogados signs partnership with Colombian law firm

Corrêa da Veiga Advogados has announced a strategic partnership with Perea Vélez Camerano, a law firm based in Bogotá, Colombia. The main objective of working together will be to promote legal exchange, with an emphasis on publicizing the law firms in each country.

Partner Mauricio Corrêa da Veiga explained that this partnership will allow the firm to strengthen its position in competition law, a specialty of Perea Vélez Camerano.

According to Mauricio, the mutual cooperation between the firms will be a union of forces and efforts, since they both work in the areas of Sports Law and Intellectual Property, and now they can offer their clients a specialty in competition law.

Corrêa da Veiga Advogados has a strong and consolidated practice in the areas of Labor Law, Sports Law and Intellectual Property, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to excellence and expertise in various areas of the law. With a specialized and comprehensive approach, the firm stands out for its exquisite performance in the Superior Courts, Regional Courts and Courts of Justice.

Mauricio Corrêa da Veiga (pictured left) and Alexis Faruth (pictured right).