DAC Beachcroft lands in Argentina

DAC Beachcroft announced it has agreed a new association with López Saavedra & Villarroel Abogados, a law firm in Argentina.

Headquartered in Buenos Aires, López Saavedra & Villarroel Abogados has three partners and nearly 50 staff. The firm, like its strategic partners DAC Beachcroft, specialises in insurance and reinsurance law. Both law firms share common clients and a similar approach to market. The move is set to capitalise on potential opportunities as the Argentinean economy recovers and grows in importance in the global insurance market. 

With this latest development, DAC Beachcroft has a footprint in Latin America which spans 11 jurisdictions. A year ago the firm announced the formation of two new associations in Peru and across Central America with Torres Carpio Portocarrero & Richter (TCPR) and BLP, respectively. The firm already has its own offices in Mexico, Colombia and Chile, together with an alliance in Brazil and a hub in Miami.

In January 2017, DAC Beachcroft launched Legalign Global, an alliance of insurance law firms, with BLD Bach Langheid Dallmayr (Germany), Wilson Elser (US) and Wotton + Kearney (Australia). 

Ignacio Abella