Bruno Aurélio

Demarest advises winner of solar energy PPP auction of B3

Demarest advised HCC Projetos Elétricos, winner of the first two solar energy PPP (public-private partnership) auctions, held at B3, in a session that took place on September 29 in São Paulo.

The company, which recently received investments from private equity manager GEF and investment group SMZTO, will constitute a concessionaire that will be responsible for building photovoltaic power plants for the government of Mato Grosso do Sul, and another plant for Sanesul (Sanitation Company of Mato Grosso do Sul).

The offer submitted amounted to BRL 970,270.00 for the government’s public consideration, which represents a discount of 13.36%. In the sanitation company’s auction, there was a 20% discount, with the amount of BRL 560,110.00 for the consideration. The judgment criterion was the lowest amount of a monthly consideration to be paid by the government and by Sanesul in the concession of services.
The concession will be carried out under the PPP (public-private partnership) model, through a 23-year contract with the state government to serve 1,434 units (state offices, foundations, agencies and other autonomous bodies and low-voltage consumer structures), and an 18-year contract with Sanesul, for 463 units. The estimated investments for the two contracts amount to BRL 124.84 million.
According to the state government, the Office of Strategic Partnerships (EPE) of Mato Grosso do Sul and the Sanesul management, the auction places Mato Grosso at the forefront of clean energy consumption, with sustainable development and decarbonization goals.

Demarest’s team of professionals who advised auction-winner HCC, includes partner Bruno Aurélio (pictured) and lawyers Renan Sona, Guilherme Giacomini and Beatriz Marino.