Edward Sánchez

Dentons welcomes Edward Sánchez as new partner

Dentons has announced the addition of Edward Sánchez (pictured) as a partner in the white collar crime and compliance practice in the Lima office.

Sánchez brings valuable experience in the implementation of compliance programmes aimed at the prevention of white collar crime, the design of procedural strategies and legal representation in litigation arising from corporate disputes.

“In the current context, white collar crimes in Peru are part of daily life. White collar crime and compliance go hand in hand; legal entities compel entrepreneurs to update their compliance models. With my addition, I hope to help add value and prevent contingencies for the firm’s clients,” said the new partner.

Edward, now at the helm of Dentons’ white collar crime and compliance department, details the composition of the team, highlighting the compliance experience of partner Lilia Bolaños and the formation of a group of 6 young lawyers with whom he has been working for more than 5 years. With the aim of establishing itself and becoming visible in the market, the team has clear expectations of gaining experience, building client loyalty and standing out as a reliable reference in the field of white-collar crime.

He specialises in criminal litigation, mainly in the field of economic crime and corruption of public officials. His practice covers the defence of domestic and foreign companies, as well as their shareholders, directors and officers in general, in criminal proceedings related to business activity, including charges related to financial and property crimes, tax evasion, environmental pollution, corporate fraud, cybercrime, workplace accidents, public and private corruption, money laundering, among others. Additionally, he provides technical assistance in the implementation of compliance programmes aimed at preventing criminal contingencies.

Highlights include his 17 years of dedication to white-collar crime practice, his training in Spain and his service to major clients in sectors such as cash-in-transit, vehicle imports and construction. With a special focus on regulatory compliance, he has significantly reduced his clients’ criminal risks.

Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), where he has been a teaching assistant in a compulsory course on Criminal Procedural Law. Previously, he was a partner at Súmar & Sánchez Abogados, advisor to several companies nationwide, and worked at firms such as Estudio Ore Guardia, Rodrigo Elías & Medrano, and Estudio Croci Silva y Cajina.

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