Dias Carneiro and Veirano

Dias Carneiro and Veirano act in the financing of a Cancer Center

Dias Carneiro Advogados acted as Brazilian counsel to Inter-American Investment Corporation in the USD 100,000,000 financing to Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Hospital Brasileira Albert Einstein (wich was represented by Veirano Advogados), for the implementation and operation of a state-of-the-art oncology hospital in the city and State of São Paulo, which includes: 160 automated beds and 10 surgery rooms (1 hybrid room and 2 robotic surgery rooms), 5 image-guided intervention rooms, diagnostic medicine, medical offices and special areas for chemo and radiotherapy.

With the development of this cancer center, Einstein envisions to be one of the global leaders in oncology and hematology with: a world-class academic research center focused on evidence-based multidisciplinary care and innovation; a center of excellence in precision medicine with a focus on genetics, genomics, immunotherapy, cell therapy and advanced therapeutics; predictive analysis and Big Data for prevention, accurate diagnosis and optimized results; industry partnerships in research, therapies and biotechnology driving innovation; and culture of education and continuous learning.

Dias Carneiro represented IDB Invest as local counsel and relied on partners Thiago Vallandro Flores and Gustavo Junqueira; and associates Pedro Malvezzi de Araújo and Luiza De Munno.

IDB Invest’s in house counsel: Patricia Alves de Toledo
Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP acted as IDB Invest international counsel and relied on partner Vera Rechsteiner; and associate Jessica Rivero

Veirano Advogados represented Hospital Albert Einstein as local counsel and relied on partners Renata Fialho de Oliveira (pictured right), Ana Carolina Barretto and associates Reginaldo Sorrenti Marcello Neto, Elisa Rezende and Katrine Costa de Azevedo.

Paul Hastings LLP acted as Einstein’s international counsel and relied on partners Thomas R. Sines and Jonathan E. Kellner; and associates Bruna Rey and Thomas Ayres.

Einstein’s in house counsel: Rogéria Leoni Cruz and Catarine do Prado Castro.