José Miguel Vivanco

José Miguel Vivanco joins DGA as partner

Dentons Global Advisors has announced the appointment of José Miguel Vivanco (pictured) as a new partner of the firm, who, based in Washington, D.C., will support global clients in managing crises, disputes and other matters.

Edward Reilly, CEO of the firm said: “José Miguel has unparalleled experience navigating highly complex situations, finding solutions and designing sustainable strategies for stakeholders. He will undoubtedly […] be a great asset in the management of social and governance programmes.”

“In these complex and uncertain times, Dentons Global Advisors has a platform of excellent professionals and each brings with them the experience to collaborate effectively with companies and governments seeking to solve some of their most sensitive problems,” said Vivanco.

José Miguel has more than 30 years of experience in investigations, strategic litigation design and leadership in dispute resolution initiatives. He is involved in negotiations that include direct contact with heads of state, parliamentarians and industry leaders, as well as social and community leaders around the world. At DGA he advises companies, boards of directors and government authorities globally on issues related to labour standards, human rights, supply chains and risk management.

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