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Latest issue of The Latin American Lawyer now online

The Latin American Lawyer November issue is now available for free download.

We are approaching a big change in Latin America with governmental changes, especially in Brazil with the recent election of Lula da Silva. That is why our portuguese front page is dedicated to the expectations from a legal point of view about the new president’s upcoming mandate.

On the other hand, the spanish cover is dedicated to the Colombian firm Gómez-Pinzón, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, by featuring an interview with managing partner José Luis Suárez who shared a bit of the firm’s trajectory, as well as forecasts of its new practices.

In both versions we present the most recent signings in our On the move section, and significant transactions in On the web, where, in the spanish version we focus on financings in the sectors that maintain economic dynamism, while in the portuguese version we bring together transactions in which several well-known firms participated.

We highlight two figures who are the leading Latin Americans in their respective positions. On the one hand, we present an interview with Cristina Carvalho, the first Latin American woman to be appointed director of the firm ArentFox Schiff, available in the Brazilian version.

On the other hand, in the spanish version, we also interview Juan Bautista Mahiques, the first president of the International Association of Prosecutors of Latin American origin (IAP).

Simultaneously, in this same version, we highlight the e-sports industry, as Peru has positioned itself with teams in important international competitions. For this reason, APDEV, together with Ontier, undertook the task of producing a legal guide that seeks to regulate the sector, the objectives of which we explore in our article.

We offer a summary of the webinar Crypto Around Latin America, an event promoted by TozziniFreire Advogados, in the portuguese version.

Also, in the spanish version, we analyse the region’s participation in the G20 summit in Indonesia, under the scrutiny of Diego Serrano Redonnet and Daniel Guaida Azar, partners at Pérez Alati Grondona Benites & Arntsen (PAGBAM) and Gonzalez Calvillo, both specialised in the Banking and Finance practice.

In the Brazilian version, Pedro Dante, partner in Lefosse’s Energy practice explains about the growth of renewable and sustainable sources in Brazil.

We continue to learn about the use of compliance from the World Compliance Association, this time with a special focus on Ecuador, available in the spanish version.

In addition, in both versions, from the group’s Iberian region magazine, Iberian Lawyer, we provide a summary of the debate, organised by Gómez-Acebo & Pombo, regarding the changes in labour matters in the Spanish and Latin American courts; as well as an article by Dentons’ counsel, Elouisa Crichton, on family leave rights in South America.

The latest issue is available for free download here.

L Giselle Estrada