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We are kicking off the new year without overlooking the dynamism of senior partner management in Latin America throughout 2022. We dedicate both covers to all the moves and signings that took place between January and December last year, which were recorded by The Latin American Lawyer’s editorial team on its website.

In the case of Spanish-speaking LatAm, we compiled up to 106 hires, including 40 lateral moves and 66 appointments; we also described other types of management promotions, as well as firm mergers. In Brazil, we detected 91 internal appointments and 50 changes, totalling up to 222 new hires.

Following the line of appointments, we highlight the most relevant appointments of the last few months in our On the move section. Meanwhile, we also gathered the most recent major transactions in our On the web section, where, in the Brazilian version, we focused on deals worth millions of dollars, while in the Spanish version we captured the efforts of companies to adapt to the inflationary difficulty with different corporate law operations.

We conducted important conversations in both versions of the magazine. On the one hand, in the Brazilian version we approached Paulo Rocha, managing partner of Demarest Advogados, a law firm that is celebrating its 75th anniversary. The partner highlighted its success story, which is based on the talent of the lawyers who constitute the firm.

In addition, in the Spanish version we spoke with Oscar Benavides, who for the second time serves as vice-president of the Canada-Peru Chamber of Commerce. In this interview we detail the objectives of the institution, mainly focused on education, along with the trajectory of the lawyer and his work as a partner in the law firm Rodrigo Elías & Medrano.

We join the chain of diffusion initiated by Heka Law in Ecuador with its project ” Let’s make social intrapreneurship fashionable”, which seeks to inspire companies in the region to commit to corporate social responsibility initiatives, all through sharing their success stories that generate a positive social impact. Lead partners Tommy Meneses and Pamela Andrade describe this proposal in their own words, available in the Spanish version.

Another aspect we highlight is the fact that Brazil stands out in the legal market as one of the countries with the highest ratio of professionals to inhabitants in the world, where there is at least one lawyer for every 160 people. In this article we dialogued with different lawyers about the challenges that have marked their path in the legal profession.

Also in the Portuguese version, with Brazil being one of the countries where football has the greatest impact, we evaluate how the World Cup has mobilised the different sectors. Speaking from their professional experience, partners from different law firms explain the economic importance that the event had on the country.

Another event that we did not overlook is the World Compliance Association’s (WCA) Transparency Summit “Importance of Compliance and Fight against Corruption”, which, in its fourth edition, took place in Quito, Ecuador, between 15 and 17 November 2022. We present a summary of the most relevant moments, the 11 round tables and the speakers who debated on such important topics as the culture of Transparency in Latin American companies. Similarly, also thanks to the WCA, we continue to learn about the use of compliance, this time in Peru.

In the Brazilian version, Lavinia Junqueira, founder of Junqueira le Advogados, provides an analysis of the country’s legal landscape in the different sectors that will be visible throughout 2023.

Last but not least, in line with our covers and on behalf of the publishing group’s Iberian magazine, Iberian Lawyer, we provide an article on all partner movements registered on the magazine’s website during 2022.

The latest issue is available for free download here.

L Giselle Estrada