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Latest issue of The Latin American Lawyer now online

Once again, The Latin American Lawyer dedicates its content to the most recent and relevant topics in the legal industry. For this reason, we cannot miss out on the content that we publish daily on our website, including the most outstanding signings of the last few months in our On the move section.

Following this line, in our On the web sections, we present a compilation of innovative operations in the Brazilian version, as well as transactions that mobilised billions of dollars in the spanish version, taking into account financings, M&A operations and Capital Market issues.

We dedicate the spanish cover to this last topic, where Capital Markets transactions have started a global de-dollarisation process, so we approached three lawyers from different countries to analyse how this situation will affect Latin America’s economy.

In the Brazilian version, we focused on the regulation of the legal framework of cryptoassets and its changes by the Central Bank of Brazil and the CVM. To do so, we contacted lawyers specialising in the area who gave their opinion on the matter.

Another important aspect to highlight is the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence and Legaltech tools by lawyers. Because of this, in collaboration with Lemontech, the Saas company, its CEO, Mariano Werner, shares with us the most efficient ways to use these means to enhance the work of legal professionals. Available in the Hispanic version.

We highlight the work that has been done on the ESG bills pending in the National Congress. To discuss changes in the carbon market, we interview Guilherme d’Almeida Mota, partner in Lefosse’s Environment practice. Available in the portuguese version.

We also stress the importance of having institutions that make a difference. In our spanish version, we have an interview with Macarena Letelier, executive director of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce’s Arbitration and Mediation Centre, to discuss young talent and recent recruits.

On the other hand, in the Brazilian version, we conducted a series of interviews with different lawyers to get various perspectives on the increase in requests for judicial recovery, the highest level reached in the last 5 years.

We travel to Mexico for our spanish-language version to demonstrate the difficult environment in Mexico City following the dismissal of staff at the Junta Local de Conciliación y Arbitraje, which has led to a huge backlog of labour lawsuits. To discuss how labour lawyers have been affected, we spoke to Jorge Sales and Jorge De Presno, distinguished professionals in labour law.

We cannot leave aside the efforts that some law firms have made on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community. On the occasion of LGBTQ+ Pride Day, celebrated in June, in our Brazilian version, we compile the actions that guarantee the inclusion of the main firms.

Finally, also in the portuguese version, on behalf of the group’s Iberian magazine, Iberian Lawyer, we bring a summary of the roundtable “Doing business in Brazil”, held during one of the days of the Legal Community Week 2023.

Also, in the Spanish version, we present an article from Iberian Lawyer, as well as an in-depth analysis of the use of compliance in Paraguay by the World Compliance Association, and our new collaboration with InLaw Alliance, where, on this occasion, Francisco Oriolo shares his perspective on the performance of Argentina by companies incorporated abroad.

The latest issue is available for free download here.

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