Luzone Legal represents Marin Holding in lawsuit against Petrobras

The Brazilian law firm Luzone Legal, specialized in the corporate and oil & gas sector, has been retained by the British company Marin Holding International to sue Petrobras for damages for services rendered on the vessel Vitoria 10,000.

The case is one of the most emblematic in the oil and gas sector, as it involves a gigantic corruption scheme between Shahin and Petrobras.

According to the Brazilian Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, Schahin, in collusion with Petrobras executives, committed crimes of corruption, fraudulent management of a financial institution and money laundering.

According to Luzone, who has partner Rodolfo Costa (pictured left) and managing partner Leandro Luzone (pictured right) in the case, Marin sued Petrobras for being an integral part of the corruption scheme.

The case of the Vitoria 10,000 ship will now be resolved by the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro and is just another chapter in the story of Lava Jato, which has perplexed Brazil and tarnished the reputation of Petrobras.