Marval and Perez Alati guide notes issue by Angel Estrada

Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal advised Angel Estrada y Compañía on a $15 million notes issue. The underwriters instructed Perez Alati, Grondona, Benites, Arntsen & Martinez de Hoz (h).

Angel Estrada y Compañía is a stationery products company headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with operations in Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, the Netherlands, Mexico, Paraguay, the United Kingdom, the United States, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

The transaction consisted on the issue of Class V and VI of short term local notes for up to AR$ 150,000,000 extendable to AR$ 250,000,000 with maturity on June 6, 2017. The notes were issued under the AR$360,000,000 global short note program and are listed on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and Mercado Abierto Electrónico.

Cohen, Banco Santander Río and BBVA Banco Francés acted as underwriters.

Partner Juan M. Diehl Moreno led the Marval team advising the issuer.

The underwriters retained a team at Perez Alati, with partners Diego Serrano Redonnet and Federico Wilensky at the helm.

Ignacio Abella