Nasser Advogados

Nasser Advogados celebrates 15 years of history

Founded in 2007 by Rabih Nasser (pictured left) and Salem Nasser (pictured right), Nasser Advogados completes 15 years in October 2022.

The permanent search for expanding the potentialities of the firm’s professionals, the investment in personal improvement, the combination of teamwork with the exploration of individual talents, all this allied to a modern and agile structure, with great investment in state-of-the-art technology, are the tools used by the firm to face the new and always more complex challenges.

National and foreign companies, of the most varied sizes and sectors, entrust their issues to Nasser. What started as a restricted actuation to Business Law and a dream of dealing with International Law has expanded to several areas, organized in the following axes: Business, Dispute Resolution, Public and Environmental Law, International, and Tax. These axes incorporate the various specializations of Nasser Advogados professionals: contracts, corporate, judicial litigation, arbitration, tax and customs, environmental, regulatory and administrative, antitrust, commercial defense, international trade and law, among others.

The first clients continue to honor the firm, since 2007, and have been joined by about 200 more. The dream that had its beginning with a team of 4 people, has today 8 partners, 12 lawyers, 1 consultant, 6 interns and an administrative team of 4 people.

Nasser Advogados reached 2022, the year of its 15th anniversary, reaching a goal that had been longed for: the diversification of the partners’ roster. Ticiana Liarte De Meo, managing partner, working in the internal management of the firm and in external consulting for some clients; Maria Isabel Lima, partner in charge of Environmental Law and Public, Regulatory and Infrastructure Law, and Camila Ramos Montagna, partner in the corporate area, focused on consulting, corporate operations and contracts. In addition, Fernando Stefanelli Galucci is appointed consultant, and will coordinate the judicial recovery, bankruptcy, and consumer areas.

Nasser Advogados completes 15 years reiterating its commitment to the provision of legal services and the search for solutions, always with excellence.