Marina e Wilton – Pádua Faria

Pádua Faria invests in technical excellence with new partners

Pádua Faria Advogados, a business law firm with a presence in São Paulo countryside and capital, announced the addition of two new partners. Joining the partnership are Marina Pedigoni Mauro Araújo (pictured left), a lawyer specialized in labor law, transitioning from an administrative partner to a patrimonial one, and Wilton João Caldeira Silva (pitured right), an expert in Business Law with a focus on strategic corporate matters.

Marina Pedigoni Mauro Araújo: Bachelor and Master of Law from São Paulo State University (UNESP), and a specialist in People Management from the University of São Paulo (USP). The lawyer began her career in 2009 and ever since has accumulated experience in the business sector, focusing on Labor Law and Civil Law.

Since 2013, Marina has been part of the Padua Faria Advogados team and, in 2022, became an administrative partner of the firm. At the end of 2023, she was invited to join the patrimonial partnership, as part of the firm’s growth plan.

Wilton João Caldeira Silva: Bachelor of Law from São Paulo State University (UNESP), the lawyer has a postgraduate degree in Tax Law from Anhanguera/UNIDERP, a postgraduate degree in Business Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), an LLM in Business Law from CEU LAW SCHOOL, and is a specialist in Business Management from the University of São Paulo (USP). He is also qualified as a Data Protection Officer (DPO) by Opice Blum Academy.

Since the beginning of his career, Silva has worked in Business Law, with a focus on contractual and corporate matters, as well as civil litigation. In 2023, he was invited to participate in the expansion plan of Padua Faria Advogados, becoming a partner in a highly specialized team focused on results.