Paulo Fernandes

Viseu introduces new manager of the Legal Ops area

Viseu Advogados introduced Paulo Henrique Fernandes (pictured) a lawyer with more than 12 years of experience in legal controllership, innovation and Legal Operations (Legal Ops) as the new manager of the area.

During his career, Paulo Henrique Fernandes has worked for companies and law firms, presenting solutions for clients of various sizes and economic sectors. He has also worked in important projects of cost reduction, operational efficiency and innovation, combining the best of the legal market and Legal Techs with the demands of his clients.

Paulo Henrique Fernandes is graduated in Law, post-graduated in Civil Law and Consumer Law, and is a member of CLOB (Comunidade Legal Ops Brasil) and AB2L (Associação Brasileira de Lawtechs e LegalTechs).