Leonardo Ruiz Machado

Viseu introduces new partner and expands its compliance practice

Viseu Advogados has expanded its practice with the arrival of new partner Leonardo Ruiz Machado (pictured), who joins the firm as a significant reinforcement in the area, especially in investigative processes related to integrity in the corporate environment.

Leonardo is a lawyer with a degree from PUC/SP, with a consolidated career in one of the largest law firms in the country, having worked in the advisory area of the Big 4, for a family business conglomerate and for the largest global retailer, where he worked in the United States and Chile as an expatriate.

In recent years, he has worked as director of the investment promotion agency linked to the São Paulo state government and, more recently, as partner in charge of the São Paulo branch of a boutique firm specializing in strategic litigation and arbitration.

Viseu Advogados, which turns 30 this year, has a team of more than 300 lawyers and 15 equity partners specializing in various areas of law.