Tatiana – Bastos-Tigre

Bastos-Tigre announces new partner

Bastos-Tigre has announced the arrival Tatiana Bruhn Parmeggiani Gomes (pictured) to take charge of and develop the new private international law area at the Brasília office.

The department will offer a wide range of services, including the homologation of foreign decisions, regularization of migratory situations, and assistance in cases of custody, visitation and maintenance of minors, international adoption, marriage or divorce abroad, as well as real estate transactions in Brazil. For companies, the services will extend to analysis, drafting and negotiation of international contracts, execution of contracts in Brazil, and support in international investments and arbitration proceedings.

Tatiana holds a Master’s and PhD in Private International Law from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). She specializes in Public International Law, Private International Law and Integration Law at UFRGS. She also specializes in Consumer Contracts at the Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France, and in Consumer Law at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

She is currently Professor of Private International Law, Public International Law and International Competition Law at the Brazilian Institute of Education, Development and Research (IDP) in Brasília. Tatiana also coordinates the Study Group on Private International Law and the European Union at the IDP in Brasília.
She is the author of the book “Citizenship of the European Union in the process of Europeanization: in defence of post-national citizenship”, published by Arraes Editores in 2020.