Bichara partners

Bichara Advogados participates in the elaboration of PL no. 2724/202

Bichara Advogados participated in the elaboration of PL no. 2724/2022 (Legal Framework of Stock Options) authored by Senator Carlos Portinho and filed in the Senate.

By regulating stock option plans, the PL has great social and business importance, since it legalizes a mechanism that allows company employees to become partners and effectively participate in the results and growth of the business in which they operate; and it guarantees companies the necessary legal security by clarifying the commercial nature of the mechanism, ruling out possible questioning by the tax, labor, and social security authorities.

The project had the participation of partners Luiz Gustavo A.S. Bichara, João Pedro Eyler Póvoa, Luiz Henrique de C. Vieira Gonçalves, Fabio Ramos de Souza, Chede Suaiden, Murillo Estevan Allevato Neto (pictured from left to right), and lawyer Renata Gabriella Fernandes Ferreira.