BLP instructed on CAFTA-DR labour lawsuit

BLP lawyers were part of the legal team which acted for Guatemala on a labour arbitration case brought by the US under CAFTA-DR rules. 

The three claims presented by the United States of America against the State of Guatemala were dismissed by the Arbitration Court. The claims included alleged breaches and acts on behalf of Guatemala that are incompatible with CAFTA-DR, a free trade agreement covering Central America and the Dominican Republic which is in force since 2006.

The Arbitration Court’s ruling gave a definitive end to a six-year lawsuit, clearing the legal standard to prove a violation under the Labor Chapter of CAFTA-DR. The tribunal was comprised of international experts in commercial and labour law from Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Partner Rodolfo Salazar, based out of BLP in Guatemala, led the legal team defending the country.

Ignacio Abella