Felipe Barreto Veiga, Rafael Teixeira and Marcelo Simon Ikeziri and Gabriel Zugman, Cláudio Batista

BVA and DMGSA act on deal between Helisul and Grupo Cataratas

The law firms BVA – Barreto Veiga Advogados and DMGSA – Domingues Sociedade de Advogados were responsible for the M&A operation involving Tucumann and Helisul Aviação in the Cataratas Group.

Helisul Aviação acquired from Tucumann an indirect minority stake in the Cataratas Group (Cataratas do Iguaçu), Brazil’s leading sustainable tourism concessionaire and responsible for managing assets such as the Cataratas National Park, EcoNoronha, AquaRio, Paineiras Corcovado, among others.

The financing for the acquisition was granted by Helisul Experience to TH Parques for the purchase of 10.4% of the voting capital of Cataratas do Iguaçu.

The acquired company is the concessionaire responsible for managing attractions in the area of sustainable tourism. The ecotourism services currently include 7 attractions – from the Cataratas (Falls) in Foz do Iguaçu to Fernando de Noronha. TH Parques is a joint venture between the Helisul (49.9%) and Tucumann (50.1%) Groups.

Tucumann is well established in the civil construction market with large-scale projects and develops projects for a wide range of sectors, as well as participating in investments in the tourism sector.

BVA relied on partners Felipe Barreto Veiga, Rafael Teixeira and Marcelo Simon Ikeziri (pictured top from left to right).
DMGSA – Domingues Sociedade de Advogados relied on led partner Gabriel Zugman (pictured bottom left), and partner Cláudio Batista (pictured bottom right).