Guilherme Abrão

Cabanellos has partner appointed member of CEJ

Guilherme Rodrigues Abrão (pictured), partner at Cabanellos Advocacia, was appointed member of the  Comissão de Educação Jurídica (Commission on Legal Education) – CEJ of the Brazilian Bar Association of Rio Grande do Sul (OAB/RS) for the term 2022-2024.

The general purpose of the CEJ is to collaborate in the improvement of legal education in the State of Rio Grande do Sul and in Brazil. Among its attributions, it assists the Sectional Council and its Board of Directors in forwarding matters within their competence, serving as a consulting body with regard to legal education. It also prepares opinions, promotes research, seminars and other events, in addition to suggesting general directives and action plans to be followed by the Sectional Council and its Board of Directors regarding legal education, as well as cooperating and promoting exchanges with other organizations with the same or similar objectives.