Corral Rosales Carmigniani Pérez part ways in Ecuador

4 years after their landmark combination, Ecuadorean law firms Corral Rosales and Carmigniani Pérez have split and returned to their pre-merger configuration. 

When originally launched, the union of one law firm from Guayaquil and the other one from Quito, of equivalent size and market positioning, was widely praised locally and abroad.

However, the Carmigniani Pérez partners say, relevant aspects of different cultures, and each firm’s vision, had been difficult to merge and that such struggle made the original project, as conceived, impossible in the practice.

Since the separation, each law firm have opened offices in the other’s city. Carmigniani Pérez now has eight lawyers in Guayaquil office and four in the new Quito office. Partners

Eduardo Carmigniani and Pedro M Pérez remain at the helm of the firm.


Ignacio Abella