Cuatrecasas opens in Mexico and sets sights on the Pacific Alliance

Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira is to open in Mexico City, following a rise in demand from longstanding clients in the energy sector.

The law firm, which already has a presence in Sao Paulo, is also targeting the Pacific Alliance, developing relationships with law firms in Peru, Colombia and Chile, besides its own office in Mexico.

With other law firms such as Garrigues already present with offices in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, and Uría Menendez as one of the forces behind the merger and growth of Iberian-American law firm Philippi, Prietocarrizosa & Uría in Chile, Colombia and Peru, some market observers feel that the office expansion of Cuatrecasas in Latin America seems overdue.

However, according to the firm, a flexible growth strategy grants Cuatrecasas a privileged position of independence when attracting business in the increasing flow of investments and transactions carried out by Latin American companies.

For 2015, the law firm reported over €265 million in billing, a 4.03% growth compared to previous year. Of this figure, only 20% comes from the international market.

Ignacio Abella