DAC Beachcroft forms global alliance of insurance law firms

DAC Beachcroft, the UK-headquartered international law firm, announced the formation of a global alliance of insurance specialist firms. 

DAC Beachcroft, together with BLD Bach Langheid Dallmayr in Germany,  Wilson Elser in the US and Wotton + Kearney in Australia have joined forces in Legalign Global, a new legal alliance to deliver services for insurers and their global clients. The alliance will have 2,000 lawyers in 58 offices throughout Europe, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States.

While some of the members cover other sectors beyond insurance, Legalign Global will focus on three key areas: insurance and reinsurance coverage, insurance and reinsurance defence and insurance regulatory and compliance.

Of the four members, only DAC Beachcroft has presence in Spain and Latin America. While the firm opened in Madrid in 1989, its Latin American offices are more recent: Mexico launched in 2003 and Santiago de Chile, in 2012. The firm also has offices in Bogota and a relationship with leading Brazilian law firm Demarest.

In 2015, DAC Beachcroft opened an office in Miami which does not practice US law but serves as a bridge between the Latin American practice and the rest of the firm. Clients with interests in Central America and Peru are served via the firm´s associations with BLP and Torres Carpio Portocarrero & Richter (TCPR), respectively, launched in 2016.

Ignacio Abella