Lucas Tavares, Marc Stalder, Marcello Pedroso, Roberto Casarini and Renan Sona

Demarest assists Sinoma on regulation of site in Camaçari

Demarest Advogados assisted Sinoma on the negotiation o the agreements to regulate the use of an industrial site in Camaçari, owned by Savoy.

An industrial unit to produce blades for wind powered energy turbines will be installed in the premisees and the agreements dealt also with the rules for the development of the an expansion project for new buildings. The negotiations involved the Bahia State government as well, due to regulatory issues related to the property, to the expansion plans and to the activities to be performed by Sinoma.

Demarest relied on leading partners Lucas Tavares, Marc Stalder, Marcello Pedroso, Roberto Casarini, Renan Sona (pictured from left to right), partner Jun Zhang and associates Bianca Paleckis, Flavia Bahia Vidigal.