Johnny de la Pared and Mauricio Velandia

Falconi Puig strengthens team following alliance and absorption of firm

Ecuadorian law firm Falconi Puig Abogados has announced the expansion of its offices in Guayaquil through a process of absorption and acquisition of the firm De la Pared Plaza, incorporating Johnny De La Pared (pictured left) who will head the operations in that city.

“We are delighted with the opening of our offices in Guayaquil. This adds an additional level of convenience and allows us to offer more personalised services than ever before, especially as half of our Ecuadorian clients are based there. Having Johnny and his team working with us will strengthen our entire Firm and reinforce our Dispute Resolution practice,” commented partner Priscila Falconi Avellán.

Partner Sasha Mandakovic said: “With a distinguished track record of litigation success, an expert command of both procedural and substantive law, as well as recognised experience in academia, Johnny is truly the perfect person to complete our firm’s Dispute Resolution team”.

Johnny de la Pared Plaza, a litigation and arbitration lawyer, has joined the Falconi Puig Abogados team and brings four lawyers to the firm. His track record includes being an arbitrator at the Arbitration and Conciliation Centre of the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce, not to mention his numerous court proceedings for protection against municipalities over what he considered illegal levies imposed on businesses.

In addition, the firm’s competition and antitrust practice areas have recently been bolstered by a powerful alliance with Mauricio Velandia (pictured right), an internationally renowned Colombian litigator with expertise in the intricate nuances of the Metaverse.

Cecilia Falconi Pérez, managing partner, stated: “Mauricio brings a wealth of knowledge to our firm. As an experienced litigator and prolific author on competition law, he is well versed in the intricacies of antitrust law. In addition, his knowledge of the Metaverse enables us to offer superior services that meet clients’ evolving needs.”

Mauricio has been involved in numerous announced competition cases involving Chevron Texaco and Bavaria Bonds, among others. He has worked in Ecuador and other Latin American countries.

L Giselle Estrada