Madrona Fialho Advogados

Madrona and Fialho Salles announce merger

Madrona and Fialho Salles announce the merger of their operations. The new team is already born with a relevant presence in the market: 266 professionals (164 lawyers, including 39 partners).

The combination aims to take Madrona Fialho Advogados to Top Of Mind Full Service. According to Ricardo Madrona, founder of Madrona Advogados and CEO of Madrona Fialho Advogados, and Leonardo Canabrava, one of the partners at Madrona Fialho Advogados and co-founder of Fialho Salles, the mega firm’s expansion plans are ambitious: to double in size over the next 5 years.

The rationale behind this movement is to maximize the similar way of working already practiced individually by both teams – focusing on technical capacity, seniority and customization in service, governance and organizational culture, valuing the collective – with the complementarity of their areas of activity in the face of the legal demands of customers.

With the merger, economic agents will have at their disposal a one-stop shop firm, capable of delivering solutions to customers in dozens of corporate advisory and litigation areas.

Madrona Fialho Advogados emerges with a strong effort in the development of a governance and organizational culture valuing the collective and customized, complete and reliable solutions in customer service. The merger itself – in a market with rare successful moves in this direction with large firms – is a sign of pioneering and valuing the collective.

Madrona Fialho Advogados will initially serve economic agents from the various private and public sectors from three physical headquarters: in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brasília.