Mattos Filho and Stocche Forbes

Mattos Filho and Stocche Forbes act in investment by Itaú in Eneva

Mattos Filho advised Itaú BBA in the investment in Eneva Participações III in the amount of BRL 1 billion. Stocche Forbes advised Eneva.

The transaction was subject to certain conditions precedent, such as approval by Brazilian antitrust authority and the implementation of a corporate reorganization with the contribution to Eneva Participações III share capital of shares issued by Parnaíba II Geração de Energia and Parnaíba Geração e Comercialização de Energia owned by Eneva.

With the completion of the transaction, Itaú BBA became sharehoIder of Eneva Participações III holding preferred shares with restricted voting rights representative of 15.02% of the total share capital.

Mattos Filho represented Banco Itaú BBA and relied on partner Marina Anselmo Schneider, Renato Villaça Di Dio, Eduardo Frade (pictured top from left to right), and lawyers Anna Luiza Pires da Costa Braga and Mariana Fontoura da Rosa.

Stocche Forbes advised Eneva and relied on partners Fabiano Milani, Henrique Filizzola, Pietro Bianchi and Thadeu Bretas (pictured bottom to left from right). Associates Raphael Niemeyer, Lionel Visconti, Carolina Braga, Deborah Guedes and Matheus Engel and inter Luisa Tovar.