Mattos Filho novos sócios

Mattos Filho promotes eight associates to partnership

Mattos Filho has announced that eight senior associates have been promoted to partnership. The new partners work across twelve of the firm’s legal areas: Agribusiness Law, Antitrust, Education, ESG, Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate/M&A, Infrastructure & Energy, Administrative Law, Labor & Employment, Executive Compensation and Tax.

The promotion of these professionals comes in consideration of emerging market trends and is in line with the firm’s long-term vision and strategy for growth. It also reflects Mattos Filho’s commitment to developing and creating opportunities for its professional talent.

With the firm’s partner count now rising to 140, the new partners are established in areas with good prospects for growth and are set to strengthen the firm’s full-service model. The new partners are listed below in alphabetical order:

Pictured top line frim left to right:

Erika Seddon – Labor & Employment; Executive Compensation
Henrique Ferreira Antunes – Capital Markets; ESG
Henrique Silveira – Education; Infrastructure & Energy; Administrative Law
José Daniel Gatti Vergna – Labor & Employment; Executive Compensation

Pictured bottom line from left to right:
Paula Camara – Antitrust
Raphael Saraiva – Finance; Agribusiness Law; Capital Markets
Thaís Gasparian Moraes – Corporate/M&A
Tomás Oliveira – Tax; Executive Compensation

Paula Camara and Thaís Gasparian are based at the firm’s Rio de Janeiro office, which now has a total of 23 partners. The other six partners are based in São Paulo.