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Mining sector: dynamic and innovative facing scarcity – Luis Miguel Elías

The post-pandemic mining “boom” is still on the rise, and Peru has recently seen some valuable transactions in the sector. With this trend in mind, we interviewed Luis Miguel Elías, leader of Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas’ Mining and Projects practice.

By Giselle Estrada Ramírez

The ravages of the pandemic and almost two years of lock-in continue to affect many markets globally, however, and, conversely, certain industries have been boosted and managed to grow as a result, including mining.

As one of the lawyers who have participated in the most relevant and recent transactions in the mining sector in Peru, Luis Miguel Elías, partner and leader of the area at Rebaza, Alcázar & De las Casas, shared with The Latin American Lawyer his trajectory and projections for the industry for the rest of 2022.

Luis Miguel, initially, what struck you about the legal profession? Of the practice areas in which you specialise and, from your perspective, which ones stand out and what is most admirable about each? What led you to specialise in them

Initially, I was and still am very interested and curious about the concept and sense of justice. That is to say, the whole philosophical conception that leads us to have a legal system and rights, and, in particular, where and at what pace these concepts should and must evolve. This academic curiosity drives me to explore the legal profession. Then, the evolution of professional practice and the context of the country made me land a versatile practice in corporate finance transactions, with emphasis on the mining sector, extractive industries and project development.

My practice in these matters is very much oriented towards the fulfilment of concrete objectives, whether it is the closing of a transaction or providing a concrete solution for the viability of a project. I find it remarkable and admirable that these practices can contribute to the development of a specific business objective, which, in turn, can have a positive impact. For example, with the development of a sustainable mining project or the closing of a transaction that can bring about a progressive change for growth or greater dynamism in a certain industry, which has a favourable impact on development.

Throughout your career, who were the figures that have had the greatest influence on your career?

The main figures and references as entrepreneurs will always be my parents, even though they are not in the legal profession. They have always been the best example of commitment and perseverance. On the other hand, as for figures in the legal profession, I have had the good fortune to share and learn from excellent professionals, professors and colleagues, both at academic and university level, in my firm Rebaza, Alcázar & De las Casas, or during my time as an international associate at Simpson Thacher. It would be unfair to name only a few. However, I can consider my partner Alberto Rebaza as my mentor and one of the most influential people in my career.

Let’s talk a bit about your role at Rebaza Alcazar, how do you organise your functions, working in different practices, how are the teams set up?

Our firm has a strong DNA of innovation and challenging the status quo. Our rebelliousness to constantly improve forces us to have a very well-calibrated planning or order strategy, which is constantly reviewed or questioned. For example, in order to perform in different practices, it is key to have dynamic, collaborative teams with which we can bounce ideas and positive energies. Therefore, each team should have its own tailored planning and monitoring, which allows for constant reinforcement or improvement. It is important to communicate within the team and to ensure that the roles within the team are balanced. All this will result in an orderly development of the team, and facilitate efficient and collaborative work, with the same vision, and focused on achieving common goals.

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