Allan Borba and Frederico Moura

Monteiro Rusu and Stocche Forbes act on issuance by Banco CNH

Monteiro, Rusu, Cameirão e Bercht Advogados advised the issuer and Stocche Forbes advised the underwritters on the public offering of the 8th issuance of financial letters issued by Banco CNH Industrial Capital, in the total amount of BRL 500 million.

Monteiro, Rusu, Cameirão e Bercht Advogados advised Banco CNH Industrial Capital and relied on partners Allan Borba Bercht (pictured left) and Marina Fenerich, associate Bernardo Boulhosa and interns Stephanie Farroco and Anna Pimentel.

In-house counsel to Banco CNH: Romara Costa Borges.

Stocche Forbes Advogados advised Banco Itaú BBA, Banco Bradesco BBI and Banco Santander (Brasil) and relied on partner Frederico Moura (pictured right)and associates Victor Manso Roman, Victor Manso Roman, Ana Flávia Chaves, Fernando Daniel de Ponte de Paula e Vinícius Balmas.

In-house counsel to underwriters

Banco Itaú BBA: Fatme Youssef.

Banco Bradesco: Rodrigo Mamede.

Banco Santander (Brasil): Paula Bendit, Caio Ramos Penitente and David Chin Mien Sun.