Padis Mattar and EMunhoz

Padis Mattar advises Jive and SPS on transfer of common shares

Padis Mattar advised Jive and SPS (from group Vinci Partners) and EMunhoz advised Queiroz Galvão on the transfer of 48,694,267 common shares issued by Enauta Participações held by Queiroz Galvão, representing 18.32% of the shareholding capital of Enauta to funds under Jive management, which will jointly hold 41,157,818 shares, representing 15.48% of the total shares issued by Enauta; and funds under SPS management, which will jointly hold 7,536,449 shares, representing 2.84% of the total shares issued by Enauta.

Padis Mattar relied on partners Renata Machado Veloso (pictured left) and Alexandre Rios (pictured center), associates Natalie Signorelli, Rodrigo Nikobin and Pedro Lins, and intern Renata Kayayan Montagnini.

EMunhoz relied on partner Laura Patella (pictured right) and associates Amanda Sanches and Marcos Leal.