Peru’s Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas integrates white-collar crime boutique

Peruvian law firm Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas has announced the expansion of its litigation department with the incorporation of Loli & García Cavero Abogados, a white-collar crime boutique.

Augusto Loli and Percy García Cavero set up Loli & García Cavero Abogados in 2004 after leaving Benitez, Forno & Ugaz Abogados, and Estudio Caro & Asociados, respectively. Both lawyers have now become partners at Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas. All other members of their former boutique law firm have joined Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas as associates. 

Alberto Rebaza, managing partner, stated “the integration of Loli & García Cavero Abogados constitutes what we consider to be a logical step in offering our clients top quality services in different legal matters. White-collar crime is a practice that has been more and more requested by our clients for different reasons, including the increasing scope and enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”

Augusto Loli, who will head the litigation department at his new firm, said “joining Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas represents a boost to our practice considering the synergies that will be created. Both firms focus on the same type of clients: large corporations, international funds, and banks, so we think together a complete service can be offered.”

Ignacio Abella