Enrico and Fernando

Pinheiro Neto act as deal counsel on issuance by CB Companhia

Pinheiro Neto acted as deal counsel to a securitization transaction involving the 3rd issuance of debentures by CB Companhia Securitizadora de Créditos Financeiros.

The proceeds arising from the issuance were used by CB to acquire, from Banco Master, the following receivables: credit rights arising from state programs destined for public servants, pensioners and retirees of the states of Bahia, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, all of which provide for the contracting of payroll-deductible loans, whose respective payments will be due as a result of the use of the Credcesta Card, and will be directly deducted from the payroll of such public servants, pensioners and retirees; and credit rights arising from the outstanding installments of certain personal loans granted by Banco Master to INSS beneficiaries and pensioners, which are contracted by the use of payroll-deductible benefit cards and formalized by banking credit certificates (CCBs).

Pinheiro Neto Advogados relied on partners Enrico Bentivegna (pictured left), Fernando Mirandez Del Nero Gomes (pictured right), senior associate Gabriel Carvalho, associates Francisca Pereira, Yasmin Abumansur Sá and Samuel Lopes Parmegiani.