Ricardo Simões Russo and José Oliveira

Pinheiro Neto advise on the issuance of AXS Energia Unidade 05

Pinheiro Neto Advogados advised on the 1st issuance of simple debentures, non convertible into shares, in single series, with rem guarantee, by AXS Energia Unidade 05, as per CVM 160.

The proceeds obtained with the issuance shall be used to finance the construction and operation of distributed generation solar projects in Brazil.

The debentures are characterized as “Green Debentures”. Banco Modal acted as lead underwriter.

Pinheiro Neto relied on partners Ricardo Simões Russo (pictured left), José Roberto Oliva Junior (pictured right), associate Felipe Morais Assunção, Luiz Fernando de Araújo Plazza and legal assistant Beatriz Pecci Marani.