Fernando Del Nero and Tomas Neiva

Pinheiro Neto and Mattos Filho act in Turn2C’s investment round

Pinheiro Neto advised Turn2C, a Brazilian fintech specialized in the consortium market, raised BRL 25 million in its series A round led by the venture capital firm Headline which was advised by Mattos Filho.

The new investment round occurred almost two years after the company raised its BRL 8.5 million seed round led by Honey Island by 4UM with participation from B3 (the Brazilian Stock Exchange), Urca Angels and others.

The funds from the round will be used for developing technologies to enhance other processes in the consortium journey and to expand the distribution of products.

Pinheiro Neto advised Turn2C and relied on partner Fernando M. Del Nero Gomes (pictured left), associates Eduardo Comparato Ferreira de Sá and Catharina Fávero Mirandola.

Mattos Filho advised Headline and relied on partners Tomás Neiva (pictured right), Larissa Lancha Alves de Oliveira Arruy, Renata Fonseca Zuccolo Giannella, associates Fábio Coelho Studart Montenegro, Gustavo Laudanna Alvoreda, Georges Vicentini El Hajj Moussa, Luis Guilherme Camargo Vergueiro da Silva, Maíra Schweling Scala Pfaltzgraff, Isabella Casagrande de Miranda Caribé.