Joamir Müller Romiti Alves

Pinheiro Neto assists Via in partnership with Bradesco

Pinheiro Neto advised Via that celebrated an addendum with Banco Bradescard and Banco Bradesco to renew the commercial partnership to offer credit cards and other financial products, comprising the channels operated under the Casas Bahia brand, including physical stores and digital channels until 2037.
Based on the addendum, Via will receive BRL 350 million for exploring the physical stores desks over the additional period of the partnership, impacting cash and results in Q422.

The addedndum also sets new compensation structure based on common targets during the partnership.

Pinheiro Neto advogados relied on partner Joamir Müller Romiti Alves (pictured), associates Elcio Aulicinio Borges, Marcelo Junqueira de Mello, Cecília Gondim Serra.