Pedro Sanches

Prado Vidigal promotes a new partner

Prado Vidigal Advogados announced the promotion of lawyer Pedro Sanches to partner at the firm. Pedro has a relevant track record in the matter, having held the position of coordinating the data protection practice at another office before joining the Prado Vidigal team, which happened shortly after the firm was founded, in 2020.

Pedro holds the main privacy certifications issued by the International Association of Privacy Professionals – IAPP (CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP), in addition to having a postgraduate degree in Law Digital from the State University of Rio de Janeiro/ITS, with an extension in Data Protection from FGV and executive training in agile practices from the same institution.

With the promotion, Pedro takes on the client satisfaction front, leading processes and practices that will further strengthen the ties between Prado Vidigal and contracting companies without neglecting his role in the firm’s strategic demands.