Rodrigo Tellechea, Clarissa Yokomizo, Maurício Paschoal, and Otávio Domit

Souto Correa act in Habitasul concession contract with Pomerode

Souto Correa Advogados assisted Habitasul Empreendimentos Imobiliários in the corporate organization of the specific purpose company that will sign the concession agreement with the municipality of Pomerode, State of Santa Catarina, for the provision of basic sanitation services to the city, according to the public bid proceeding won by Consórcio Clear Ambiental Pomerode.

The amount due by the Consortium to the Municipality for the concession is of R$ 61 million. By its turn, the estimated amount of investments in the Municipality is of R$ 200 million, and the value of the concession contract expected is approximately R$ 1.228 billion.

Habitasul participated in the bid through the Consortium “Consórcio Clear Ambiental Pomerode” together with Engeform Engenharia, Encalso Construções, Hydrosistem Engenharia, and Senha Engenharia & Urbanismo. The five companies that forms the Consortium have together annual revenues of more than R$3 billion by 2022 and have great recognition and large investments in the sectors of basic sanitation, wind power, highway concessions, and real estate projects.

Souto Correa relied on partners Rodrigo Tellechea, Clarissa Yokomizo, Maurício Paschoal, and Otávio Domit (pictured from left to right) and included associates Eden José Ferreira Zarth Soares, and João Vitor Fernandes Oliveira.