Renato Maggio and Alessandra Hidemi Takara and partners Bruno Eduardo Pereira Costa, Eduardo Ferreira

Mattos Filho and Machado Meyer act in financing to Samaúma

Machado Meyer advised BTG Pactual in financing in the amount of BRL 180 million to Samaúma Empreendimentos Imobilários, wich was advised by Mattos Filho. The transaction means of the indenture of the 1st issuance of commercial notes, in a single series, with in rem guarantee, for private placement, of Samauma Empreendimentos Imobiliários, to finance the acquisition of a rural estate property located in the city of Taraucá, in the State of Acre, in which a project for the generation of carbon credits will be developed, for a 30-years term.

As part of the transaction, BTG Pactual will have, among other rights, the right to acquire an equity stake in Samauma Empreendimentos Imobiliários.

The project finance transaction was customized to suit up a carbon credit project on an innovative manner in the Brazilian market and comprised the negotiating of investment structures with players such as Banco BTG Pactual and My Carbon, a carbon offset credits trading company invested by Minerva Foods. The transaction was submitted for approval by the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) as was approved without restrictions.

Machado Meyer relied on led partners Renato Maggio (pictured left) and Alessandra Hidemi Takara (pictured center) and partners Bruno Eduardo Pereira Costa (pictured top right), Eduardo Ferreira (pictured bottom right), and lawyers Solano Magno Deboni Neiva, Luiza Villas Boas Weffort, Mariana Donatini, Guilherme Alcantara Nunes, Camila Argentino Silva Ribeiro Scopel and Mariana Rodrigues Da Silva.

Mattos Filho advised Samauma Empreendimentos Imobiliários and relied on partners Rossana Fernandes Duarte, Fernando Amendola, Anderson Jardim D´Avila, Flavio Lugao, Frederico Kerr Bullamah, Antonio Augusto Rebello Reis, Flavio Mifano, Renata Fonseca Zuccolo Giannella. Lawyers Alexandre Soares Andrade, Lucca Rizzo, Marcello Ximenes Rodrigues Alves, Laura Faillace Ronca Angrisani, Tábata Boccanera Guerra de Oliveira, Bruna Gabriele de Sousa Caixeta, Maria Fernanda Fidalgo Fernandes da Cunha, Vitor de San Juan Faria, Sumay Machado Peres de Lima, Tatiana Scarpin Ikematsu, Isabel Silva Tomas Carvalho, Vinicius Luiz da Cruz Batista, Ricardo da Silva Sé, Gabriela Trovões Cabral, Carolina Barbosa de Alvarenga, Arthur Alves de Quadros.