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Capital Markets

Santos Neto and Monteiro Rusu on CRA’s issuance of Multitécnica

Santos Neto Advogados advised Multitécnica Industrial on the public offering of Agribusiness Receivables Certificates (CRA) of 73th issue of Opea Securitizadora, backed by Agribusiness Credit Rights due by Multitécnica. Monteiro Rusu represented Banco Itaú BBA as sole bookrunner. The issuance represents Multitécnica’s first access to the Brazilian capital market. Distribution of CRAs was carried out […]

Capital Markets

Monteiro Rusu and Machado Meyer on issuance of CSN

Monteiro Rusu Advogados advised the issuer; Machado Meyer advised the arrangers on the 13th issue of simple debentures, non-convertible into shares, with floating guarantee to be converted into unsecured species, in one serie, for public distribution with restricted distribution efforts, according to the CVM Resolution 476, under firm commitment of UBS BB, in the total […]

Capital Markets

Monteiro Rusu and VBSO act on Cashme 1st debenture issuance

Monteiro Rusu and VBSO Advogados acted on the first debentures issuance of Cashme Soluções Financeiras, in two series, for public distribution was carried out in accordance with CVM Instruction 476, in the total amount of R$ 300 million. The use of proceeds shall be used for cash flow. Monteiro, Rusu, Cameirão, Bercht Advogados advised Banco […]

Capital Markets

Machado Meyer and Monteiro Rusu act on issuance of Banco

Machado Meyer acted as the issuer’s legal adviser on the public offering, pursuant to CVM 8, of 14,000 unsecured financial bills, without subordination, in three series in the total amount of R$700 million issued by Banco GM under its 8th issuance, leaded by Banco Itaú BBA. Machado Meyer advised Banco GM and relied on partner […]

Capital Markets

Monteiro Rusu and VBSO act in Mixtel Multi FIDC

Monteiro Rusu Advogados assisted Mixtel; VBSO Advogados assisted the bank Itaú BBA in the constitution of the Mixtel Multi FIDC and issue of senior quotas, which were distributed through a public offering with restricted distribution efforts, according to the CVM Instruction 476, and in the issue of subordinated quotas, object of private placement, in the […]

Capital Markets

Monteiro Rusu and VBSO assists the issue of CRA owed

Monteiro Rusu Advogados advised Katayama Alimentos; VBSO Advogados advised Banco Itaú BBA on the structuring of the public distribution with restricted efforts of the 1st and 2nd series of the 148th issue of Certificates of Agribusiness Receivables (CRA) issued by Eco Securitizadora de Créditos do Agronegócio and owed by Katayama Alimentos, based on CVM Instruction […]


Monteiro Rusu and VBSO advises on issuance of Kimberlit

Monteiro Rusu Advogados advised Indústria Química Kimberlit in its 1st issue of commercial notes, in a public offering with restricted distribution efforts, according to the CVM Instruction 476. Monteiro Rusu Advogados relied on partners Roberto Rusu (pictured left), Allan Bercht (pictured center left), Marina Fenerich (pictured center right) and lawyers Guilherme Tavares, Antonio Gonçalves, Lucas […]