Three decades of history: Gómez-Pinzón

Gómez-Pinzón celebrates 30 years of transcending through advising its clients. The Latin American Lawyer celebrates the firm that has positioned itself among the best in Colombia in areas such as M&A and Intellectual Property, among others, by interviewing José Luis Suárez, managing partner of the firm.

By Giselle Estrada Ramírez

Colombian law firm Gómez-Pinzón has stood out for the quality of its work advising companies and clients, sharing achievements in the Energy, Infrastructure, Intellectual Property, Tax and Competition practices, to name a few. Proof of this are its positions number 6 and 3 in the Transactional Track Record (TTR) rankings of the best firms of 2021 and 2020, respectively, according to the number of transactions in the transactional market.

In the framework of its 30th anniversary, we approached managing partner José Luis Suárez, who, in addition to sharing a bit of the firm’s history and upcoming projects, also spoke about the biggest challenges they have faced and how during this time they have remained true to their motto that puts people first.

José Luis, could you tell us a short story about the origins of the firm? How did it arise and what was its purpose?

We were born out of the opening of the Colombian economy and when the new constitution was enacted. There we understood that Colombian society required a different way of providing business-oriented legal services, concentrating our efforts and always thinking about client service.

After observing the panorama, we realised that the provision of quality services for clients in the legal sector should focus on looking outwards, to the environment, and providing innovative services, focused on what the Colombian market requires.

We have grown as a company thanks to our work in three main areas: our service and commitment to our clients, the leveraging of processes in technology and the recognition of the human team that works with us and makes it possible for us to be one of the best firms in Colombia and the region.

Our main objective has always been and will always be to provide a better service to our clients, staying at the forefront of the provision of legal services in order to transcend and leave a better society than the one we received, both internally and externally. Our focus is on building a better company that contributes to a better country.

You have been in business for more than three decades, what makes you different from the competition?

What makes us different is the awareness that it is always about providing the best service and offering our clients advice based on our knowledge of their business and understanding of their own situation. Closeness and understanding that our role is not only to provide legal concepts, but also solutions to our clients, is fundamental.

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L Giselle Estrada