Bluefit – Mudabala

Three firms act on Mubadala’s acquisition of Bluefit Academias

BMA advised Bluefit Academias de Ginástica e Participações and its original shareholders, in the negotiation and execution of a share purchase agreement and other covenants, with MC Brazil Fitness Holding, which establishes the terms and conditions of a primary investment in the company and a secondary acquisition of shares issued by the company by MC, which was advised by Stocche Forbes.

MC is one of the companies part of the portfolio of companies, investment funds and businesses controlled or managed by Mubadala Capital LLC or its affiliates. Mubadala Capital LLC is the wholly owned asset management subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company PJSC, a leading global investor headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Mubadala Capital LLC manages its own investments and third-party capital on behalf of institutional investors.

As a result of the transaction, MC will become the holder of shares representing 51% of the total and voting capital of the Company on the closing date of the Transaction.

The transaction involves a total investment of R$464,100,000.00, of which R$114,100,000.00 will be paid by MC in consideration for the purchase and sale of shares, and R$350,000,000.00 will be invested by MC in the Company, in consideration for the subscription of new shares to be issued in a capital increase.

BMA relied on partners Miguel Ramos (pictured left); Barbara Rosenberg; Felipe Paschoalini; Luis Henrique Costa; associates Pedro Henrique Serqueira; Maria Sampaio; Felipe de Albuquerque Destri; Alexandre Roscoe Lindenberg; Raul Rinaldo Baptista; Henrique de Farias Sariedine; Gabriel Cunha Ribeiro; Rafael Zanatta Jory and Bruna Silveira de Alencar.

Stocche Forbes advised Mubadala and relied on partners Teo Galvão (pictured center), Renato Coelho and Ana Paula Paschoalini; associates Luis Filipe Costa, Pedro Raposo, Vitor Jardim Barbosa and Gabriel Chiang.

Madrona Fialho Advogados advised to James Oliveira (one of the original shareholders) and relied on partners Ricardo Madrona (pictured right), Danilo Mininel and associates Isabella del Fabro; Ricardo Brentani.