Maria Bofill

TozziniFreire has partner elected Legal Director of ABCVC

Maria Bofill (pictured), a partner at TozziniFreire Advogados in the areas of corporate and foreign investment, M&A and private equity, has been elected Legal Director of ABCVC (Brazilian Association of Corporate Venture Capital).

She is part of a select group of Brazilian lawyers licensed in California, has in-depth knowledge of investments in startups and extensive expertise in strategic relationships in the innovation ecosystem.

With the participation of TozziniFreire, executives created the Brazilian Association of Corporate Venture Capital (ABCVC), with the aim of offering support to corporations from different sectors, boosting this type of investment and innovation in companies.

In 2023, the increase in the raising of capital for up-and-coming startups amounted to around R$10 billion in Brazil and shows that companies are increasingly looking for innovation, strategic partnerships and access to disruptive technologies outside their traditional operations. This practice allows companies to diversify their portfolios, keep up with market trends and potentially achieve significant financial returns.