matheus zilioti

VBSO and Santos Neto on NC’s issuance of Grupo Tracbel

VBSO Advogados advises Grupo Tracbel; Santos Neto Advogados advises Itaú BBA on the public offering of the 1st issuance of commercial papers, in a single series, of Grupo Tracbel, in the total amount of BRL 180 million.

The distribution of commercial papers was carried out by Itaú BBA in accordance with Rule No. 160 of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission.

VBSO relied on partner José Alves Ribeiro Junior (pictured left), associate Clarissa Pradel and trainee Matheus Fernandes.

Santos Neto relied on partner Matheus Zilioti (pictured right), associates Henrique Takeda, Fabrício Galvano Gomes and trainees Kyu Hyun Kim and Thaiany Gomes.