Veirano and Machado

Veirano and Machado Meyer act in agreement for FIPS expansion

Veirano represented MRS Logística and Ferrovia Centro-Atlântica on assignment agreement betwen Santos Port Authority (SPA), as assignor, and MRS Logística, Ferrovia Centro-Atlântica (VLI) and Rumo, as assignees, on behalf of a private association to be formed, for the management, operation, maintenance and expansion of the Santos Port Internal Raiway (Ferrovia Interna do Porto de Santos – FIPS).

Machado Meyer advised Rumo. The transaction value was BRL 891 million (initial investments).

Veirano Advogados represented MRS Logística and Ferrovia Centro-Atlântica  (VLI) and relied on lead partner Marcos Ludwig (pictured top left), Robson Barreto (pictured top right), Pedro Freitas (pictured bottom left), counsel Mauro Moura, associate Antonio Albani.

Machado Meyer advised Rumo and relied on partner Mauro Penteado (pictured bottom right) and associate Gabriel Rapoport Furtado.