Gustavo Viseu and Vitória (avatar)

Viseu launches first avatar, digital influencer, of the legal segment

Gustavo Viseu (pictured left) founding partner and CEO of Viseu Advogados announced that the firm has created an ultra-realistic avatar, the first non-human digital influencer, as part of the firm’s communication strategy and positioning in innovation and technology.

Her name is Vitória (pictured right), who represents a lawyer in her 30s, friendly, articulate, and tuned in to current legal topics and technological novelties.

Vitoria will disseminate varied content: information about law and technology, legal market trends, VISEU news, everything about Legal Ops and Advocacy 5.0.

It will also explore the legal universe applied to new technologies: blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, metaverse, internet of things, artificial intelligence, and any new topic relevant to the market.

The avatar will be present in videos and campaigns on social networks, on the firm’s institutional website, and of course, on Metaverse, where VISEU has an environment hosted on Microsoft’s Altspace.

But according to Gustavo Viseu (pictured left), CEO of the firm, “Vitoria will not replace the firm’s lawyers in client service, she is our digital influencer, our spokesperson, who will bring information and relevant legal content to our audience.

Get to know Vitoria here.