Alexandre Goss, Eduardo Abrantes and Bruno Gandolfo

Cescon Barrieu and Stocche Forbes in the BRL 2 bi issue by PRIO

Cescon Barrieu and Stocche Forbes acted on the public offering of the second issuance of debentures issued by Petro Rio Jaguar Petróleo (PRIO), pursuant CVM 160, in the total amount of BRL 2 billion.

Petro Rio Jaguar will use the funds to reimburse costs related to the construction of Camp Wahoo and future payment of expenses in connection with Camp Wahoo. 

Cescon Barrieu advised Petro Rio Jaguar Petróleo and relied on partners Alexandre Gossn Barreto (pictured left), Eduardo Abrantes (pictured center), associates Isabella Braga, Joana Vaz and Vitor Hugo B. Mayerhofer.

In-house counsel to Petro Rio Jaguar Petróleo: Caio Ferreira and Daniela Murta Dovales.

Stocche Forbes advised Banco Itaú BBA and Banco BTG Pactual and relied on partner Bruno Gandolfo Damico (pictured right), associates Letícia Alexandre Martins, Rafaela Tavares Ramos and Isabela Fujii Pochini.

In-house counsel to lenders:

Banco Itaú BBA: Victoria Costa.

Banco BTG Pactual: Felipe Andreu, Izabel Siqueira, Gabriela Trevisan, Isabella Roque and Matheus Borghi.